About Drawaware.com

What if I told you that you have two processing powers in your mind and you have probably only utilised one of these powers. Well you can double your processing power by learning to draw on awareness.

Drawing has long been a tool to simplify and teach complex topics. The reason, Drawings can hold and summarise large amounts of information more so than the written word.

The unconscious mind known for its immense power uses images or dreams to communicate. So it makes sense that imagery is the language of the unconscious mind expressed in metaphors that express complex understandings the unconscious has worked out all by itself.

I have three main passions, two drawing and how the brain works. This book brings those two passions together. The third passion is faith. I have found that these three passions work together beautifully.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you the power of drawing and how it can increase self awareness and resolve complex emotional issues that we all face. Life is complex, and it doesn’t need to be. In this book I will explain to you how you can use drawing to help resolve  the biggest issues you face in life.